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Located north of Australia's west coast and within the Malay Archipelago, you'll find the beautiful Indonesian Island of Bali.

A small yet diverse island, Bali features picturesque beaches, volcanoes covered by lush vegetation and terraced paddy fields, dramatic valleys, and dense forests. Whilst the island is renowned for its mesmerising landscape, it also has so much more to offer: its rich history and welcoming culture create a variety of exciting experience for the senses.

The verdant landscape is interspersed with the awe-inspiring architectural feats which stand as testament to the Balinese Hinduism that is practised by the majority of the island's population. Hindu temples, designed as tranquil spiritual locations, offer restful places in which to soak up the history of the island.

In the uplands of Bali, the town of Ubud holds on to its ancient traditions and is seen as the area's cultural and spiritual capital. A perfect base for exploring the island's historic roots, Ubud remains infused with traditions upheld by the peace-loving people who live there. In contrast to the old customs passed down through generations, Ubud also bursts with upmarket boutique shops, culinary triumphs, and promotes the prioritisation of personal well-being. Spiritual healing plays a large part in the culture of the island and Ubud has been built around this way of life, with restaurants, shops, yoga retreats and healers focusing on spiritual care and healing.

An iconic Bali experience is a visit to Ubud's Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. Home to the Balinese long-tail monkey, the Macaque, this conservation area offers some superb photo opportunities. Against a backdrop of sheltering trees, peaceful temples and frequent religious ceremonies, there is plenty to explore. To escape the heat of the day, head inland and ascend a volcano where, in cooler climes, you can swim under waterfalls, visit striking terraced rice paddies and gaze in wonder at the religious temples.

Bali also features countless sandy beaches, catering for all those who visit the island. From golden sandy bays to swathes of black volcanic sand, the diversity of Bali's beaches ensures there is space for all to unwind and enjoy the sunshine. Popular beach destinations line the east and south coasts of the island, ranging from family friendly locations to more luxurious, exclusive areas. The beaches offer a range of water-based activities, from surfing to scuba diving. With crystal clear waters and coral reefs hosting a diversity of marine life, there is just as much to discover below the waves as there is above.

The island's small size means a great location for a truly memorable sunset is never far away. Dine on the beach while the sun slips below the horizon or take a trip to Petulu, and as the sun sets watch the spectacular and unique sight of white herons flying home for the night.

Best time to go

Bali is a fantastic year round destination, with consistently warm temperatures between twenty-five and thirty degrees. The island's popularity increases during the hotter summer months, while the rainy season spans December to March.

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Destinations in Bali

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Featured Hotels

Maya Ubud, thumbnail

Maya Ubud

5 Star Boutique

With enchanting jungle surroundings and proximity to a traditional town, Maya Ubud offers both a sanctuary and authenticity. Located on the outskirts of Ubud an uplands town known for traditional arts and crafts, Maya Ubud has a raft of local culture on the doorstep.

Maya Sanur, thumbnail

Maya Sanur

5 Star Boutique

Sustainability, impeccable beachfront views and modern architecture with a Balinese twist all come together as one at Maya Sanur. A rooftop garden provides a truly secret escape on the property, with peaceful spaces to relax and an incredible outlook over the ocean.

Alila Seminyak, thumbnail

Alila Seminyak

5 star boutique

Contemporary Balinese style and sweeping views of the ocean combine at Alila Seminyak, creating unforgettable holidays in the lap of luxury. Providing direct access to the sand on its lengthy beach-front, Alila Seminyak makes the most of its location in almost every aspect of the property.