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Diversity & Inclusion Policy

Our Diversity and Inclusion pledge is underpinned by our company value “Open”; we are warm and welcoming. We’re a down to earth and friendly group of people who work together with a shared sense of purpose, and a purposefully open and inclusive attitude. At Classic Collection Holidays, we encourage collaboration, honesty, candid feedback, and believe in respect and communication, and don’t tolerate discrimination, bullying, victimisation, or harassment of any kind.

We believe strongly that difference, not uniformity, is critical to our success. We see Diversity & Inclusion and respect for the individual as crucial in building a culture that attracts, engages, and retains the best people in the market as well as fosters a culture of innovation and excellence.

To promote Diversity & Inclusion across our organisation we pledge to:

Take a colleague-led approach in Diversity & Inclusion

We work with colleague representatives from across different departments through our Diversity & Inclusion Action Group. We seek their feedback, ask for their input, and decide on our next steps together. Our Action Group hold us account to ensure our Diversity & Inclusion pledge is applied in all areas of our business so that we may continually evolve and grow.

Treat our colleagues equally and fairly

Decisions concerning colleagues are based purely on merit. We ensure all our colleagues are valued for their contribution, are rewarded fairly, and have the same access to training, development, and progression opportunities. Everyone is supported and encouraged to develop to their full potential and where there are differences these are recognised, welcomed and valued. If data tells us something is inequitable, we will work to set it right and will remove barriers to ensure everyone has equal access and opportunities.

Create psychological safety at the workplace

We ensure our working environment is free from bullying, harassment, victimisation, and unlawful discrimination, promoting dignity and respect for all. We enable all of our people to safely and confidentially raise any concerns or instances of unfair treatment in the workplace and are committed to addressing any issues that are raised. If colleagues don’t know or understand something, or need some help, we ensure they have the confidence to voice this and don’t hide their vulnerabilities at work, they trust we will always respond with open and inclusive support.

Create with inclusion in mind for our customers

We create new work, marketing content and services with inclusive design and representation in mind – making our products accessible and usable by as many people as reasonably possible. We adhere to the understanding that everyone will have an accessibility need at some point – whether that’s permanent, temporary or situational. Through on-going learning, listening customer feedback and active effort to improve, we aim to make our products more inclusive for our customers at every touch point.

Monitor and communicate our progress

We ensure we monitor and communicate how Diversity & Inclusion is represented in our products, services and content. We also monitor the make-up of our workforce regarding information such as age, sex, ethnic background, sexual orientation, religion or belief, and disability. Through on-going monitoring and listening, we can ensure we’re on track to meet the commitments set out in this pledge and can continue to set ourselves goals for the future. All the information we collect will be held in the strictest confidence and will only be used to illustrate and promote equality, diversity, and inclusion and prevent unlawful discrimination.