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St Lucia Holidays

Explore St Lucia

Ringed by coral-adorned waters and palm-clad beaches, the twinkling beauty of St Lucia is amplified by startling forested peaks that rise suddenly from the Caribbean shores. If you're looking for a little magic, St Lucia is waiting for you. Embodying romance and adventure, this is an island where you can seek relaxation and thrills in equal measure. We've travelled across St Lucia in search of the best places to stay, and you'll find resorts in private marinas, on volcanic ridgelines and within UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You're welcome!

It is the Pitons that give St Lucia its striking look. Gros Piton and Petit Piton are towering volcanic plugs that appear to rise majestically from the sea. They're never far from sight, wherever you are in St Lucia, and they will certainly add a touch of nature's theatrics to your holiday snaps. While the Pitons are icons of St Lucia, enchanting beaches, tropical fruit plantations and vibrant communities complete the picture of Caribbean bliss.

Your time in St Lucia promises a fusion of activities. Soar atop the volcanic landscape by hiking the Pitons or in the rainforest nearby, drive into a volcanic crater and take a dip in hot springs or bubbling mud, and embark on a gondola ride or zipline through the rainforest canopies. Explore the colourful towns of Soufriere and Castries, each offering spectacular island views and energetic street life. Go cycling, sailing or deep sea fishing, or take a more leisurely cruise while trying to catch sight of dolphins and whales. Meander around impeccable gardens filled with tropical scents, go on snorkelling and diving adventures, and visit buzzing shopping areas some of which are duty free. Wherever you go, the sound of reggae and soca music fills the streets, creating a vivid holiday soundscape. St Lucia is often viewed as an island of romance, but you'll quickly realise there are plenty of activities for those looking for a little active relaxation too!

The culinary scene on St Lucia has eclectic inspiration, perfect for you if you get excited by foodie flair. Expect Creole, European, African and Indian flavours to come through in the dishes you try, with plenty of seafood sourced directly from local waters, ranging from mahi mahi to lobster. As you explore the island, the vision of mangos, bananas, coconuts and pineapples growing will become familiar and this blaze of tropical fruit will make its way onto your plate on a daily basis! Fried plantain and fishcakes are also local favourites don't miss out on these simple but perfectly seasoned specialities. And if you like chocolate, a 'bean to bar' tour is a must. Evenings of great food often meld into more festivities, with street parties, seafood fiestas and plenty of spicy rum to go around for those who want it.

When to visit
St Lucia's tropical climate and warm temperatures throughout the year mean you can have a great time whatever the month. The wettest month is November, but even then the days are mostly sunny.

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Destinations in St Lucia

Gros Islet, thumbnail

Gros Islet

Paradise beach, Soufriere




Marigot Bay, thumbnail

Marigot Bay

Vieux Fort, thumbnails

Vieux Fort

Featured Hotels

sugar beach, main pool

Sugar Beach - A Viceroy Resort

5 star superior

Set between the twin peak Pitons on the southwest coast, the renowned Sugar Beach, a Viceroy Resort is a haven of true luxury and enjoys a stunning setting within a UNESCO World Heritage site in a hundred acres of tropical forest.

windjammer landing villa beach resort, main pool

Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort Hotel

4 star

On a lush hillside overlooking pretty La Brelotte Bay on the northwest coast of St Lucia, family-friendly Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort enjoys access to a pristine white sandy beach, attentive service and extensive facilities.

StolenTime by Rendezvous, pool

StolenTime by Rendezvous

5 Star

Set on a 3km stretch of quiet, unspoilt, soft sand beach, adult only StolenTime by Rendevouz is an intimate, romantic and relaxing hideaway focusing on health and wellbeing with the excellent spa a true sanctuary and home to an Ayurvedic centre.

anse chastanet, beach view

Anse Chastanet

4 star boutique

In the most beautiful location the Anse Chastanet resort boasts iconic views of the Piton Mountains whilst its two crystal-clear bays are part of a designated marine reserve protecting the off-shore coral reef.