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Naples is southern Italy's most vibrant, chaotic city and is the passionate heart of Italy. Neapolitans love to eat, to drink, to romance, and to enjoy life's pleasures. In Naples there's a palpable and exciting sense of living in the moment; it's a city built for carpe diem.

The cobbled and palm-fringed streetscape of Naples affects an intoxicating blend of prosperity, poverty and passion with an enthralling collection of lovingly restored and beautifully decaying monuments. Wild traffic, animated gestures, noisy conversations, washing strung streets, shabby street stalls, down at heel pizzerias and buzzing Vespas mingle with classical remains of churches, palaces, castles, and the hidden treasures of world-class galleries and museums.

Much of the city's troubled past has been resolved, but the huge tourist influx is yet to happen, allowing the current visitor the freedom to discover the city's culture, to meet its people; those exuberant, warm-hearted lovers of life. And, although at first glance you'd never believe it, Naples features more historical and monumental churches than any other city in the world and has retained so much of its original culture to be granted UNESCO World Heritage status. Beyond the city, the elegant delights and natural beauty of Sorrento, Amalfi Coast and Capri beckon; all accessible by private means or by public train and boat.

City sights
Take in Naples' famous shopping street of Spaccanapoli, leading you to Piazza San Domenico. At the Sansevero Chapel, see the magnificent veiled statue of Christ which is hewn in marble from one single stone, before reaching the Cathedral and the Chapel of the Treasury which contains the holy blood of San Gennaro; patron saint of the city of Naples. The Capodimonte Museum is an 18th century royal palace set in a magnificent park, which now houses one of Italy's largest and most artistically rich collection of art treasures. Beyond Naples, in the Chiaia district, where the city ends and the Mediterranean sea begins, the area of Mergellina features elegant hotels, restaurants and bars nestled at the foot of Posillipo Hill beneath the castles of dell'Ovo and Sant'Elmo. The origin of the name Mergellina is thought to be from the Latin meaning clear, transparent sea. At the pier, fishermen have, for years, cheerfully sold their daily catch.

Naples is home to pizza and two of the best pizzerias are Da Michele and Di Matteo. Michele offers only two types; Margherita with cheese or Marinara without! The tomato sauce is fresh, sharp and sensational, the mozzarella perfect. Matteo has been serving street food for more than 160 years, and the ultimate deep-fried pizza is incredible. For coffee, Naples is exceptional and, to discover the best, Il Vero bar del Professore offers over 60 kinds of coffee. Notably, Ristorante da Dora and Cantina del Gallo enjoy fine reputations amongst restaurant cognoscenti.

When to visit
Naples can be hot at the height of summer. Spring and autumn months are cooler and ideal for sightseeing.

Average Temperatures

Average amount of daylight in hours

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Grand Hotel Parker's

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In an elevated location in the fashionable shopping area of Chiaia, enjoying panoramic views of Naples and the bay.

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Grand Hotel Vesuvio Naples

5 star

Located on the seafront of Naples and enjoying fabulous views of the Bay of Naples and Castell dell’Ovo, prestigious Grand Hotel Vesuvio first opened in 1882, was rebuilt post-WW2 and has hosted many an illustrious guest,