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It's fair to say that Syracuse has had a chequered history. It was once the largest city of the ancient world. Then, a capital twice - once of Byzantium then of Sicily - before earthquakes, plague and famine saw it fall from grace. It rose once more in the late 17th century with an impressive programme of Baroque reconstruction and today is Sicily's most handsome city. Here ancient ruins are dotted amongst citrus orchards, people go about their daily business amongst dazzling baroque piazzas, and narrow medieval lanes lead you to the shimmering blue sea. Modern Syracuse is a magnificent city of outstanding architectural beauty.

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5 Star Boutique

Occupying a tranquil location on a promontory overlooking Syracuse and Ortigia island

Ortea Palace, Thumbnail

Ortea Palace

5 star boutique

Built in the early 20th century and a former post office, the building housing Ortea Palace has been beautifully transformed into a luxurious and modern hotel whilst still retaining the history and charm of the original structure.