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Lake Orta, Italy

Explore Lake Orta

The hidden gem of the Italian Lakes, Lake Orta, originally known as Lago di Giulio after Saint Julius, the patron saint of the region, and often referred to as La Cenerentola (Cinderella) among the Milanese, Lake Orta lies to the west of Lake Maggiore at an altitude of 290m.

The lake shores have been inhabited since Roman times and, even though it is a small lake, there's a delightful boat ride out to the enchanting island of San Giulio where interesting 15th century frescos abound in the basilica of the Benedictine monastery and visitors will delight in walking the path that encircle the island.

The lake provides a tranquil spot and the wooded hill of Sacro Monte with numerous 16th to 18th century chapels dedicated to St Francis rises delightfully above the lake shore. The lake's principal town, picture perfect Orta San Giulio boasts a tiny piazza facing the water where the little harbour is a scene of constant activity with rowing boats and water taxis, and there are narrow cobbled streets for meandering taking in countless mansions, the 15th century church, the graceful town hall and fragrant gardens.

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Destinations in Lake Orta

Orta San Giulio

Orta San Giulio

Featured Hotel

Villa Crespi
Villa Crespi
5 star boutiqueLocated a 15 minute stroll from the village of Orta San Giulio and reminiscent of a Moorish palace, Villa Crespi is an extraordinary property dating back to 1879 and with its middle eastern style complete with minaret has become an iconic legend on Lake Orta.

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Villa Crespi

5 star

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