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Riva Del Garda Holidays

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riva del garda, lake garda

Explore Riva Del Garda

Although the most popular resort on Lake Garda, and very much an authentic, working town, Riva del Garda, has, nonetheless, managed to preserve much of its old world charm. A 12th century fortress complete with moat, and Roman city walls, keep a watchful eye on the town's historic past.

From the harbour, streets sprawl upwards into open piazzas crammed with fashionable, luxury boutiques, pavement cafes and bars. The lakeside promenade extends for over 3km and affords plenty of room for sunbathing in beautifully, manicured lawned areas.

Riva del Garda is particularly popular with windsurfers, as the wind is channelled down the narrow valley from the higher mountains surrounding the resort. Regular ferry services are available to transport visitors to the north and south of the lake.

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