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It's the tiny church of Agia Marina, right by the sea, which is the stand-out attraction of Analipsi. That and a choice of three beaches, which vary in size, but all of which are on the sandier side of sand and shingle. Retreat from the larger hotels that frame the sea front and you can still find quiet and cosy remnants and glimpses of the village that Analipsi once was, with a few traditional tavernas, and shops selling local provisions. For those enamoured of beach life it is possible to rent windsurfing equipment, sea kayaks, small catamarans and water bikes.

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Stella Island Luxury Resort & Spa
Stella Island Luxury Resort & Spa
5 StarStella Island Luxury Resort & Spa is a chic retreat offering first-rate service, luxuriously appointed accommodation and outstanding dining options. It’s a short walk to the private beach, with Analipsis resort centre 1km away.