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Ayia Napa Holidays

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Ayia Napa Holidays

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When it comes to blue flag beaches, Cyprus is the world leader. With a total exceeding 50, Cyprus has more per capita, a greater concentration and the highest number per coastline length of any country in the world. Aiya Napa has exceptional beaches.

It is the fine beaches of golden sand in Aiya Napa which are responsible for the resorts popularity today. A couple of kilometres to the west of the resort is Nissi beach, a strip of sand, a cove, limpid blue waters and a tiny island to which to paddle. It seems to exert an influence over a mainly younger crowd.

To the east is Kryo Nero; less scenic but equally sandy. Makronisos offers ancient rock tombs as well as sand. Liminaki Beach is good for families. To escape the crowds head to Landa Beach or take a short drive to Cape Greko, considered one of the most beautiful spots on the whole of Cyprus. And despite a chequered reputation, Ayia Napa is slowly but surely finding its feet as an historic, multicultural resort, catering for all tastes. The town centre is home to one of Cyprus' most handsome buildings, the Monastery of Our Lady of the Forest, a 16th century Venetian delight, replete with octagonal marble fountain and Gothic cloister.

For a luxury holiday in Aiya Napa there are deluxe hotels a short stroll from the harbour and further afield in Protaras and Konnos Bay.

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Featured Hotels

Olympic Lagoon Resort Ayia Napa

Olympic Lagoon Resort Ayia Napa

5 Star

Set amidst sprawling landscaped gardens filled with lakes, waterfalls and greenery a short five minute stroll from the golden sands at Landa Beach and 3km from Ayia Napa centre, luxuriously elegant Olympic Lagoon Resorts Ayia Napa offers a premium all inclusive concept with unlimited food and drink, endless activities, and entertainment for all ages.

Amanti Hotel

Amanti Hotel - Made For Two

5 Star

Amidst beautifully landscaped gardens and within strolling distance of the sandy blue flag Pantachou beach and the centre of Ayia Napa, recently opened Amanti is an elegant and tranquil luxury hotel designed exclusively for couples, under Kanika Hotels & Resorts’ brand MadeForTwoHotels.