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holetown, barbados

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In 1625 Holetown was where the first British settlers landed and named the city, in honour of their King, Jamestown. The commemorative monument to their landing records the date erroneously as 1605. Holetown is located on the wealthy west coast of the island and is a town of firsts; the site of the first plantations, the first Governor's residence, the first law courts and the first church, St. James Parish Church, erected in 1628, one year after the first permanent settlers arrived. Each February, the town remembers the settlers with the Holetown Festival, a colourful and lively event of crafts, music, police band concerts and a vintage car rally. Holetown has a superb pink tinged beach, and inland the Chattel Village Shopping emporium, more modern malls selling duty free goods and a fine selection of beachfront restaurants.

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Featured Hotels

Mango Bay

Mango Bay

4 star

Set on the beautiful white sandy St James Beach on the west coast, and with restaurants, bars and boutiques of fashionable Holetown just footsteps away, all inclusive Mango Bay is an intimate hotel with a relaxed Caribbean feel.

the sandpiper, lap pool

The Sandpiper

5 Star

Surrounded by fabulously lush gardens in an enviable location by a tranquil sandy cove on the prestigious west coast, newly renovated The Sandpiper is one of the most exclusive small hotels in the West Indies.