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Events in Tenerife

Molly Thompson

Tenerife draws visitors in every year from all around the world, with its stunning landscapes and reputation for warmth and hospitality. However, it’s also a bustling cultural focal point with plenty to discover. We’ve collated the best events in Tenerife to make travelling to this beautiful island that much easier and worth your time.

Read below our guide to the best events in Tenerife…

Tenerife Carnival

The Tenerife carnival, which usually runs from January through to March is an incredible showcase of colour, culture and dance. Every year over 250,000 people head to the capital of Santa Cruz to celebrate. Known for being one of the most impressive carnival experiences in the world, streets are filled with traditional decoration, masquerade balls are held and dances in costumes are performed.

Semana Santa, La Laguna

Semana Santa, also known as Easter Holy week is a weeklong religious celebration that takes places in cities all over Spain. There are several processions which take place within Tenerife, the most notable being La Laguna. On Good Friday the afternoon procession is the most anticipated of the week with ‘Procesion Magna’ taking place, shortly followed by ‘Procesion del Silencio’ in the evening. The town goes into silence, all streetlights are turned off and the entire town is lit up by candles. It’s a sight to be seen!

Fiestas de la Cruz, Los Realejos

The Fiesta de las Cruces which is also known as Cruz de Mayo is a special holiday celebrated each year on the 3rd of May in many parts of Spain. This day is all about celebrating the cross, the islands inhabitants take time to decorate dozens of crosses with fruit, flowers and colourful symbols. These crosses are then taken to the streets and displayed for everybody to see. Towards the end of the day many firework celebrations are put on, in Los Realejos there is a spectacular display. It’s known for being one of the most impressive firework displays in Europe and has actually been declared a National Tourist interest.

Tenerife Walking Festival

The exciting Tenerife walking tours are an excellent opportunity for nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts to see Tenerife at its best. With paths stretching around the coast, across the volcanic landscape and through the wild and luscious greenery. Walking tours can also cross through Teide National Park.

Corpus Christi, La Orotava

Another holiday celebrated in Tenerife is Corpus Christi, a catholic celebration. The roads are closed to traffic and covered with bright carpets of flowers and coloured sand. In proper Tenerife fashion, lots of music, colour, costume and parades fill the streets. The cities residents wear traditional cloths and take part in playing traditional Canary instruments.

Tenerife Bluetrail

For the ultra-fit, Tenerife Bluetrail is on offer. Bluetrail is a popular extreme trekking race across multiple terrains. The event takes places across various points within Teide National Park. There are different trails and distances to suit all types of fitness levels. The event does require people to pre-register in order to take part, visit the official BlueTrail website to sign up.

Depending on how fit you are feeling, there are a variety options to participate:

  • 102km (Ultra)
  • 66km (Trail)
  • 43km (Marathon)
  • 20km (Media)
  • 8km, 3.7km & 1.2km (Reto) – for runners with a proven disability

Fiesta de San Juan

Saint John’s Eve which starts at sunset on the 23rd of June, is the eve of celebration which takes place before the ‘Feast Day’ of Saint John the Baptist. Also known as Midsummers day, the local residents celebrate with beach bonfires all over the island. The next day it’s tradition for goatherders to lead their flock to the harbour to bathe them in the waters of the Atlantic. The water is believed to ensure animals health and also increase the fertility of livestock. These rituals while strange to an outsider carry heavy amounts of culture and history and are well worth witnessing.

Fiesta de la Virgen de la Candelaria

The celebrations take place in the seaside town of Candelaria and are in honour of the Virgin of Candelaria, the patron saint of the Canary Islands. Every year on the 15th August festivities take place in her honour. The celebrations have been declared to be of National Tourist importance and are full of religious and popular passion even five centuries on. The celebrations are about faith, belief and respectful love for the saint. On the day a large amount of pilgrims come from all over the island in order to pay homage. The festival is accompanied by folk music, dramatic re-enactments and dancing.

Festival of San Andres

For all wine enthusiasts, on the eve on San Andres, the first wines of the new season are ready. Producers from vineyards open wines for sampling at the harbour of Puerto de la Cruz. Expect kiosks of roasted chestnuts and barbecued pork kebabs.

Baile del Nino

As for Christmas celebrations in Tenerife, they are all about family. Baile del Nino also known as ‘dance of the child’ occurs at Midnight on Christmas eve inside church. One of Tenerife’s oldest Christmas traditions, it honours baby Jesus. Families dress in traditional clothing and celebrate though dance in front of the image of baby Jesus. It’s a unique and beautiful spectacle.

Where to stay in Tenerife

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